Why do I need one of these for my Solo Skiff?

  • These are primarily designed for safety and protection.  These allow you to mount the motor to the Solo Skiff securely while reducing the wear and tear a motor being mounted directly to the plastic transom will cause over time.
  • There is a safety lip on all of the Transom Savers that a help keep the motor from ever slipping up and off.
  • The 2" lifted versions allow you to run in shallower water for those of you who like to get skinny.

What safety features do the Solo Skiff Transom Savers come with?

  • All of the transom savers include a "Safety Lip" that helps keep the motor from ever slipping up and off the transom.
  • All of the transom savers include a mounting kit that secures the Transom Saver to the transom.

How does the skiff lift transom saver mount to the transom?

  • Both models of the Transom Saver mounts using a 3/8" hex bolt, 2 washers and a locking nut (All Stainless Steel).  You will need to drill a 3/8 inch hole through the transom to mount the transom saver.  (Drilling through the transom will void the 2 year warranty from Solo Skiff)
  • You can also use strong adhesive to attach the transom saver to the transom. (Adhesive not included)

What colors do the Solo Skiff Lift Transom Savers come in?

  • The Transom Savers only come in brushed aluminum or Powder coated black.

Do the Solo Skiff Lifts fit tight (snug) onto the transom to prevent any vibrations, etc?

  • The regular and lifted models are cut using a water jet and a computer program so that they fit tight and snug against the transom.  Here is a video

Does the 2" lifted version create any problems with turning or limit the turning radius?

  • The 2" lifted version will limit the turning radius some.  To clearly see how much it limits it you can view the video and photos below.
  • (Left: with the 2" lift   -   Right:  Without the 2" lift)


Does the 2" Lifted Transom Saver cause any cavitation issues when driving?

  • The 2" transom saver DOES NOT cause any cavitation issues while driving the Solo Skiff. See Video